SIDE: Innovating Efficiency

not Revolution

"SIDEx" is our technology infrastructure platform that allows industry counterparties to evolve by using the most advanced technology capabilities without disrupting their traditional business processes and systems. SIDE's key personnel come from the regulated securities industry, and thus we understand the industry's risk tolerances.


SIDE runs as an “infrastructure as a Service” (IaaS) on Microsoft Azure, a leading global cloud provider. MS Azure is highly secure and provides a rich set of information security assets for SIDE to incorporate into its information security program. A “soc out of the box” toolset includes threat detection & vulnerability monitoring, data loss prevention, incident management & response, and SOC reporting capabilities. SIDE also leverages private cloud attributes, including dedicated network addressing.

Value-Added Partners

SIDE leverages both global and domestic experts to assist in providing additional infrastructure and cyber security services, including penetration testing & reporting, as well as disaster recovery management and testing.


SIDE’s “integration as a service” product offering is data driven so that intelligent business rules, events and exceptions can be applied in real-time. SIDEintegrate with SmartRules is the foundation of SIDE’s multiple service offerings, including fully automated reconciliation and reporting. SIDE leverages the latest in secure messaging technology and supports integration with industry formats and the key systems used by industry counterparties.

  • Dealer B/R, IBOR and ABOR
  • PMS & OMS vendors
  • SFTP & Encrypted Email (TLS)
  • XML, MQ, Kafka
  • PDF, Excel/CSV, Proprietary


The information repository provides industry counterparties a means by which to post and share information in the most secure manner available in marketplace.

  • Single Source of Truth where all information records are immutable, encrypted, and digitally signed (authenticated) with cryptographic audit trail. SIDE has no access.
  • Web Portal with access granted and managed by the administrators of industry counterparties, and not by SIDE.
  • Encryption Key Management governed by industry counterparty stakeholders, and not by SIDE.
  • API’s (Inbound / Outbound) to ensure counterparties have the most secure integration between their systems and users.