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Together with industry thought leaders, SIDE provides product and service innovation to the regulated investment industry with the following benefits.

Lower cost

from having a more efficient means to aggregate and report their information, more securely

Lower risk

with better information transparency (address the information trust gap) and ensure industry compliance through electronic delivery (no email attachments or physical mailing to incorrect addresses)

Improve client service

via a private network of industry counterparties that onboard themselves “in minutes” and govern the platform (no central administrator or global user access)

Environmental Sustainability

(ESG) due to suppression of paper and printing

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Paper Savings

pages saved since Jan 1, 2020

SIDEchain’s™ data exchange platform provides digitized documents while enabling users to search and extract data online in multiple ways (web, email, excel).


By leveraging the most private and secure data exchange available anywhere, Industry counterparties can move to next day securities settlement (T+1) ahead of stated timelines. On SIDE, data is immutable and available in real-time with full electronic audit of the entire post-trade transaction lifecycle.

  • Client Allocations
  • Broker Notifications
  • Custodian Settlement Advice
  • ETF Create/Redeem
  • Positions & Transactions
  • Reference Data / SSI
  • Tax Reclaims
  • FX & Corporate Actions

Reporting & Reconciliation

As an extension of TradeMatch+, SIDE provides a comprehensive suite of reporting and reconciliation services that include business event processing with intuitive end user dashboards that enable real-time search, data enrichment and exception handling capabilities.

  • Confirms
  • Statements
  • TradeMatch+ and Management Metrics Reports (Free)
  • Settlement Status Dashboard
  • Regulatory & Tax (SEC, RAC, 24-101, Withholding)
  • Corporate Actions Dashboard
  • Margin and Valuation e-Delivery
  • Fund Accounting, Custody & Cash Reconciliation

Workflows & Audit

SIDE Workflows is our latest service offering beginning with non-trade related activities, such as transfers. SIDE leverages our market leading SIDEx technology platform while extending our service capabilities via strategic development with a select number of global strategic partners that are also industry focused.

  • Workflow requests & approvals
  • Automated notifications
  • Digital Forms with e-Sign
  • Independent and Immutable Audit


Enterprise level customers that have subscribed to a suite of SIDE’s products and services have delivered to their organizations a mid-office solution that is more effective at much lower cost. SIDE is unique because the same mid-office platform is used by the Buy-Side, Sell-Side and Custodians and has already been integrated to their various applications and systems. SIDE has addressed the information trust gap for our industry by replacing centralized (CeFI) mid-office silos with a de-centralized (DeFI) infrastructure driven by community interests.

In addition, SIDE provides dedicated operational support via it’s Keystone Fund Solutions offering. Keystone provides buy-side customers end to end fund accounting and securities reconciliation services that are fully automated and cost effective. Both Keystone and customer end users benefit further from intelligent end-user exception handling (via Recon Control) and electronic audit tracking to provide better risk management for asset managers.

Reduce your operational cost and risk.

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