Let us customize your way to a better bottom line

The on-boarding process to SIDE begins by addressing a specific business need that that will result in a tangible bottom-line benefit.  SIDE provides industry participants flexible deployment options (including participant premises) and seamless integration with existing business processes and data. Armed with a specific requirement or set of requirements, SIDE leverages its rapid prototyping methodology and underlying SIDEintegrate services platform to develop a working prototype to be used for validation and subsequent production use.

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Business Benefits

Automation of complex/manual Transaction and Reporting Processes

  • Lower delivery risk and support cost
  • Data Quality/Integrity (Lineage)
  • Optimize human resource allocation

Support for Proprietary and Industry Networks and Protocols

  • Supports over 1,000 formats
  • FIX (All Versions)
  • S.W.I.F.T (ISO)
  • Email
  • Flat Files and Excel format (including with embedded Macros)
  • Proprietary Client Books of Records Data

Fully Customizable

  • Meet specific requirements across business units both locally and globally
  • Non-disruptive to existing business processes

Production Proven and Scalable Applications

  • Established service levels for capital markets participants
  • High throughput for data integration and business rules application