Innovative technology meeting sound business practice

SIDEchain is a private distributed ledger technology (DLT) that is purpose built for the global securities industry. Technically the design provides integration of a highly scalable (“Big Data”) application architecture with unique and enhanced security features.  This enables even the largest Financial Institutions to gain direct financial benefit and an unprecedented level of information security.

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Distributed Ledger Technology - Application Architecture

Traditional Distributed Ledger Technologies Distributed Databases SIDE Distributed Ledger Technology
Immutability Check icon Check icon
Democratic Authority Check icon Check icon
Assets over network Check icon Check icon
High Throughput Check icon Check icon
Low Latency Check icon Check icon
High Capacity Check icon Check icon
Rich Permissioning Check icon Check icon
Query Capabilities Check icon Check icon

Turn your Data into your greatest asset

Customer users who are authorized by their firm can directly access their secure data contained within the SIDE ledger. The firm’s records are accessed using their Private Encryption Key and can be extracted in multiple ways. SIDE (including administrators with the highest access level) have no access to Customer records stored in the ledger.

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